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Welcome to the new site entirely devoted to bringing you customised, personalised sports balls, ranging from branded footballs, custom rugby balls, cricket balls and bats, tennis balls, american footballs, basketballs and even more. Explore below to find the product you want personalised and email us with your logo. We'll get the design done for you, the way you want it.

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Customise all sorts of footballs, ranging from 6 panel to 18 and 32 panel balls. Also available are official Mitre balls.

Brand rugby balls with your own logo, available in a huge range of sizes and styles, and even customise official Gilbert balls.

New to Academy Balls is the option to personalise water bottles - promotional success guaranteed high quality and low costs.

All varieties of cricket ball available, including softer options for kids and training. Brand your cricket bats too here.

Heat emboss your logo or transferring it, we can out your logo onto the tennis balls, making sure the court is yours.

The NFL is launching itself in the UK, becoming ever more popular, get ahead of the curve here customising American footballs.

Customise basketballs with Academy Balls to make sure that your promotional campaign is truly a slam dunk.

Rugby balls, footballs and cricket balls are all converted into a fashionable key ring, allowing your company to be advertised wherever you go.


For sports overlooked by so many, everyone has their preference, here is a collection of the finest sports balls that we haven't listed elsewhere.






If you're ordering 500 balls, you're going to have a bad time pumping them up. There's no need to despair.



Keep up to date with our news and updates for the brand new Academy Balls, back and better than ever before.


0203 146 6535

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